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FAQ 1: How long that you export the plastics ?

XINXING :We have do exporting of engineer plastics for nearly 15 years and we producing UHMWPE and HDPE Sheets and parts for nearly 20 years

FAQ2: Which country that you have ever been exported ?

XINXING :We exported to all over the world like America ,Europe ,Russia ,Thailiand ,Southafrica ,indonesia ,Malaysia ,Japan ,India and other countries ,so XINXING products almost been sold to every corner of the world .


FAQ3:Since China have several of manufacture for such engineer plastics ,what do you think that your company compared with others ?

XINXING :First ,we are the biggest manufacture in China (no one can compare with our factory size and quality )

second,we have the longest experience in exportting our uhmwpe sheets ,HDPE Sheets ,uhmwpe and HDPE Parts ,so no one is know better of foreigner than us .

Third ,we are the only manufacture in China that own both extruted HDPE sheets machine and UHMWPE Sheets machine in China .


FAQ 4: How XINXING'S suction box cover performs ?  UHMWPE Suction box cover feedback from customer

Customer feedback:

Hi Amily,

Your UHMW plates are working well without any sign of wear.

I suppose that it will last many years.

Please update price in order for us updating our quotations for new projects.

Same quantity.

Atenciosamente, Best Regards,


FAQ5: What is difference from Tivar88 and UHMWPE sheet?


XINXING:Tivar 88 is only a brand and it is made by UHMWPE and some special addictives to make them more wear-resisting.


FAQ6:How many kinds of material to make the uhmwpe fender pads?

XINXING: Two materials uhmwpe virgin plate and uhmwpe recycled plate, both material can make the fender pads and have good quality.


FAQ7: How to tell the thickness and type of road mats for different applications?


XINXING:1. See the ground conditions soft or hard? 

             2. check the loading weight of vehicles






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