200mm-250mm  thick Plastic UHMWPE Crane cribbing Pads
200mm-250mm thick Plastic UHMWPE Crane cribbing Pads
Update: 2020-9-17      

XINXING produce extremely thick UHMWPE Crane cribbing pads with non breaking characters. We use the Engineer plastic UHMWPE material to produce these Crane pads and make sure they are chemical resistant, moisture resistant,high strength and breaking enlongation. For thickness from 200-250mm is available with us for the heaviest Crane pads.

WHY CHOOSE XINXING for UHMWPE Crane cribbing pads ?
In a recent OEM test, XINXING Crane Outrigger Pads were the strongest of all the pads tested. xinxing  Outrigger Pads manufacture their own outrigger pads and are known for the portability, durability and great value. Also customer OEM sevrice is available with us. Customer can send us drawing for your own design of the Crane cribbing pads. Then XINXING will return you the perfect outrigger pads products orders.

XINXING Crane outrigger pads applications.
XINXING Outrigger Pads are used on Fire Trucks, Utility Trucks, Tree Trimmers, Recreation Vehicles (RV’s) Concrete Pumps, Cranes and Any Type of Aerial Equipment.

Besides the above crane outrigger pads, we also have the below different Crane outrigger pads for your reference

Yellow Hi Viz Crane outrigger pads         Crane outrigger pads with round  recess       UHMWPE Jacking blocks

UHMWPE Stable jacking base                Anti-slip UHMWPE Crane pads                           Blue UHMWPE  Crane stabilizer pads

Long 250MM thick UHMWPE Crane plate          Round UHMWPE Crane jacking pads             

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