Temporary road protection mat, HDPE ground protection mats, Ground protection mats for construction
Temporary road protection mat, HDPE ground protection mats, Ground protection mats for construction
Update: 2019-8-12      

Tree trimming ground protection mats, Landscape bobcat protection mats for grass

The on-sale ground protection mats are the most durable and economical ground protection mats for grass and lawn coverage available on the market. Install over soft or sensitive ground for loads up to 80 tons. Ground Protection Mat are essential for the landscape and tree trimming business.

The Ground Protection Mat covers any area, protecting it from vehicles and other heavy duty traffic. Use Ground Protection Mats for both short and long-term projects.

These road mats consist of 100% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE). Because they weigh just 35kgs each, they’re easier to maneuver into place than other materials.

Our lawn protection mats feature strategically positioned hand holes. This makes them easy to off load from trucks or pallets. Each mat measures 2400*1200*12mm thick.

The unique traction surface of each slip resistant mat is comprised of a pattern of rugged nubs. The traction with our on-sale Ground Protection Mats substantially improves the grip and forward motion of vehicles.

No matter what kind of weather is occurring, these light duty mats reduce sideways slippage. The patterned nub traction design keeps mud away from the surface of the mats.

Our temporary roadways can be connected through a variety of designs. This means the turf protection mats will match different ground and weather conditions. This product will flex to follow the contours of the ground.

Our black mats for ground protection work for many use cases. They’ll deliver temporary roadways, work pads, makeshift storage areas, or pedestrian pathways in outdoor event areas. Use them anywhere sensitive ground needs protection, such as sports fields, golf courses, park land, and landscaped areas.

Our mats are chemically inert, avoiding the leaching of pollutants into the ground. The materials are non-conductive, making them ideal for use in transmission projects. We’ve designed these feet traffic mats with safety in mind, protecting vehicles and pedestrians.

These heavy equipment mats even will deliver coverage over sloping ground. No matter what kind of temporary access area is required, our on-sale Ground Protection Mats are the perfect choice. 


Top Features for Ground Protection Mat 1200*2400*12MM

Hand holds for easy transport

High traction surface for heavy equipment

Economical and durable mats

3 Year limited warranty

Supports loads up to 80 tons

For temporary bobcat pathways

In stock for fast shipping

Use Types

Construction areas, Temporary roadways and pathways, Golf courses, Outdoor events

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