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Green UHMWPE bar| UHMWPE square Rod
Green UHMWPE bar| UHMWPE square Rod
Update: 2016-8-27      

XINXING produce all kinds of UHMWPE rods icluding the round UHMWPE Rod and square UHMWPE Rod. Our UHMWPE Bar can be various size according to customer requirements. Welcome to visit to check our various UHMWPE bars and sheets.

Green UHMWPE Bar, Red UHMWPE Bar, Yellow UHMWPE Bar, Black UHMWPE Bar, Blue UHMWPE Bar

All kinds of UHMWPE Bar is available with XINXING. Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd have nearly 15 years in manufacturing the HDPE and UHMWPE products. Our factory is the biggest and our sevrice is best.



Excellent impact resistance

High mechanical strength

Resistant to many solvents

Very good electrical insulator

Excellent abrasion resistance

Very high damping properties

Continuous use temp. of -269 to 80 Deg. Cent.

Minimum water absorption (0.01%)

Extremely low co-efficient of friction


UHMWPE is resistant to Acids, Salts & salt solutions, Alcohols, oils, fats, waxes & many solvents.

All PE material is affected by strong oxidizing agents such as nitric acid, chromic acid or halogens.

Aromatics and Halogenated hydrocarbons cause swelling.


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