Synthetic ice packs rink, mobile ice rink for family/ amusement park, super slide synthetic ice rink floor
Synthetic ice packs rink, mobile ice rink for family/ amusement park, super slide synthetic ice rink floor
Update: 2019-9-5      

Synthetic ice packs:

Are you looking for leisure business? Get a business opportunity or, improve your entertainment offer, thanks to our inexpensive synthetic ice packs.

XINXING( synthetic ice skating floor) offers a unique business opportunity, providing innovation and differentiation compared to other nearby entertainment venues. And it includes an ice rink in your center, or buy it as a form of business (business possibilities), will award a plus in front of your competition, thus providing tremendous value.

In addition, the ecologically marked character of the XINXING  synthetic ice rinks will provide a positive image for your business. Respect for the environment is one of our ‘must’, allowing a 100% ecological attraction, without costs for maintenance or expenses on water or electricity bills for its operation.

In few places you will find an ice rink during the summer or in places with high temperatures. All this is possible with Our synthetic ice! Thanks to its easy installation, you can assemble the rink and disassemble it yourself according to your needs. You can install a rink in just one day, without the need of specialized technicians, and whenever you want, at any time of the year.

Apart from all the advantages mentioned, the business opportunities with XINXING synthetic ice plate are multiple and differentiating, with packs of skating rinks that adapt to the space you have in your center. In addition, our market studies ensure that economic profitability is ensured not only by the skating business itself, but also by the many possibilities that the rink offers and in what, under our experience, we can advise you.

Who does not enjoy a day of skating with family or friends? An ice rink is an activity that all audiences love, both children and adults, and in turn, attracts many people, creating a fun and healthy environment.

In addition, the XINXING synthetic ice rinks are innovative, with cutting-edge technology and at an unbeatable price, the most economical you can find in the market, so it will be easier and faster to monetize your investment with our XINXING packs. We include within each package, all the necessary accessories for the start-up of your business.

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