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Machined Plastic material HDPE/ UHMWPE sheet
Machined Plastic material HDPE/ UHMWPE sheet
Update: 2019-6-7      

The Advantages and features of UHMWPE/HDPE sheet / board/ plate

Wear resistance, impact resistance self-lubricating, Corrosion resisting, Impact-energy absorption, Low temperature resistance, Safe and non-toxic, Hard conglutination, Low water Absorption, High density

 1,Used as lining board for bunker,chute,mixer,warehouse etc self-lubrication and wear resisting needed areas

 2,Made into block,dock fender board etc special purpose and special shaped products.

 3,Made into all kinds of mechanical parts according to drawings under the help of lathe,mill machine and mould.

 4,Due to the excellent property of high intensity and impact resisting,UHMWPE boards have been used in military include pallet for bulletproof jacket and bulletproof shield ,Protection level III and IV .

 5,Other fields include Ice rink,water tank etc.

We are professional in dealing with all kinds of Engineering Plastic Products:

  UHMWPE/HDPE Synthetic ice rink 

  UHMWPE sheet/ board/ panel
  HDPE board
  UHMWPE fender pad
  UHMWPE liners
  UHMWPE outrigger pads/ ground mat
  UHMWPE suction box cover
  UHMWPE roller 
  Shaped  parts

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