Access mats, Temporary walkway on construction site, Corrosion resistance virgin hdpe material ground protection floor mats
Access mats, Temporary walkway on construction site, Corrosion resistance virgin hdpe material ground protection floor mats
Update: 2019-5-14      

 Environmentally friendly and sustainable product, made from recycled rubber tires.
 The XINXING Access Mats are resistant to absorbing liquids and contaminate.
 They can be easily washed and certified clean to be used on the next job.
 The image is everything in competitive markets.
 Easy handling. Standard lifting lugs are installed into the Xinxing Access Mats. The rubber mats can be precisely set into place without creating any ground disturbance.
 Extremely durable and long lasting. Will withstand tracked equipment or chained tires with very little or no tire evidence of marking under normal use activities.
 Safer. With the use of rubber rig matting, electrical conductive hazards are reduced compared to electrical work being carried out on steel platforms. Rubber is excellent for providing a non-slip base, preventing slips and falls by employees. Less snow and ice build-up, black rubber absorbs the suns radiation and melts snow and ice even up to –15° Celsius.
 Mat Flexibility. The XINXING Access Mat has been tested and proven to have just enough flexibility, to provide a stable surface when loaded with heavy machinery and equipment. Due to their flexibility, the mats contour to the topography of the subsurface and there is no need for a connection transition.
Should the Xinxing Access Mat be accidentally dropped while handling, there are no concerns of breakage.
 High Insulating Value. Rubber is a natural insulator, keeps the cold in the ground longer enabling the road to be in service for an extended period of time in the northern regions.
 Resilient to absorbing liquids. Do not have to dry out, therefore less storage needed.
 Easy maintenance. Easy to wash off, therefore less labour intensive and a cost saving.
 Shock Absorption. Rubber is a natural shock absorber that smooth’s out the ride, thus reducing fatigue on manpower and equipment.Should electric equipment or machinery be dropped on the XINXING Access Mat, it is less likely that the equipment would be damaged, saving expensive replacement costs. Traveling noise is reduced.
 Traction Control. Equipment is less likely to slip off the track to become damaged and caught in the terrain it is being protected from. Ice and snow have been known to melt and dry off rubber rig mat surfaces at an increased rate when compared to other conventional product surfaces.
 Rubber won’t bond to ice. Less time to handle. Less damage than traditional wood mats.
 Less damage to equipment and vehicles. No nails, less flat tires. No damaged protruding boards.
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