Crane cribbing plates,Jack pads, Jacking blocks
Crane cribbing plates,Jack pads, Jacking blocks
Update: 2018-10-22      

Crane cribbing plates,Jack pads, Jacking blocks

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd  offers Crane cribbing plate,jack pads,jacking blocks ,customers UHMWPE/HDPE vehicle crane outrigger pads/jack pads/crane support plate,providing the industrial strength and safety previously available in commercial heavy-duty equipment outrigger pads.  Fabricated UHMW thermoplastic construction prevents expensive damage to vehicles and trailers by taking the load emitted from support jacks or outrigger feet, and dispersing it over a large unbreakable surface area. This creates a footprint that dissipates excessive stress on both paved surfaces and soft soil while simultaneously eliminating pad bending.                                                                                                     Characteristic: 
Our pads are resistant to water, oil and chemicals – so they won’t splinter or corrode.They’re also incredibly tough and durable,withstanding intense vertical pressures and adapting to the working surface, yet retaining their shape.Our pads are extremely safe under normal working Conditions. 

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