Shandong UHMWPE Crane pads outrigger pads
Shandong UHMWPE Crane pads outrigger pads
Update: 2019-3-21      

Shandong Ningjin xinxing chemical co.,ltd outrigger pads,stabilizer jack pads,crane pads are a safe alternative for wooden blocks. The crane outrigger pads are used for supporting the outriggers of a variety of cranes and access machines, improving stability, whilst protecting the ground underneath. The pads are fitted with handles for easy positioning and available square or round, contributing to safe support for most types of access and lifting machinery. Marwood outrigger pads are manufactured from HMPE plastic making them water and chemical resistant, which means they can be used on a regular basis, without little or no reduction in the supporting capabilities.

Much lighter weight than sleepers
Predictable and consistent load capacity
Lifetime weather resistance, so no deterioration in performance
Inbuilt handles for easy placement
The most cost effective sizes (see below), saving customers time and money

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