100% recycled plastic hdpe panel,Dual color layered HDPE sheet, sandwich three layered HDPE sheet
100% recycled plastic hdpe panel,Dual color layered HDPE sheet, sandwich three layered HDPE sheet
Update: 2019-7-12      

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is an extremely versatile product with outstanding properties and good chemical resistance for a wide variety of applications, at very competitive cost. HDPE has a low coefficient of friction and can be easily cut, machined, welded, and thermoformed for easy fabrication. This material will not splinter, rot or retain harmful bacteria, and is extremely resistant to cleaning agents. HDPE Sheets are environmental friendly produces and could be completely recyclable.

Description of 100% recycled plastic hdpe panel ;

 HDPE has several properties that make it ideal as a packaging and manufacturing product. It’s stronger than standard polyethylene, acts as an effective barrier against moisture and remains solid at room temperature. It resists insects, rot and other chemicals. It is easily recyclable and can be used again and again. Recycled HDPE creates no harmful emissions during its production or life span used by the consumers.  Also, HDPE leaks no toxic chemicals into the soil or water.

Advantages of HDPE Sheet

HDPE Sheet has very low friction properties which are some of the best within the engineering plastics range

HDPE Sheet helps produce low friction components.

HDPE Sheet also has excellent abrasion resistance which helps provide components that are suitable for high abrasion applications.

HDPE Sheet will absorb very low amounts of moisture which help creates components that are stable over a long period of time and also help this product attain Food & Drug Administration Approval which can help in the food industry.

 Applications of 100% recycled plastic hdpe panel :

Chemical Engineering: Corrosion and wear resistance mechanical parts

Thermal power: Coal handling, storage of coal, warehousing chute lining

Coal processing: Sieve plate, filter, U-type underground coal chute

Concrete: Cement raw and finished product silo lining

Grain: Food storage or chute lining

Mine: Sieve plate, chute linings, wears anti-bonding part

Food industry: star-shaped wheel, transmission timing bottle screw, bearings, guide rollers, guides, slide blocks, etc.

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