UHMWPE heavy duty interlocking Crane stacker cribbing blocks
UHMWPE heavy duty interlocking Crane stacker cribbing blocks
Update: 2020-12-26      

UHMWPE heavy duty interlocking Crane stacker cribbing blocks designed to stabilise heavy equipment and machinery with the flexibility to use in various configurations.

The UHMWPE heavy duty interlocking crane stacker cribbing blocks provide you with safer, smarter cribbing solutions 

Engineered to withstand high capacity loads, our heavy duty cribbing blocks are designed to support and stabilise heavy machinery and equipment during a lifting/lowering operation. Long lasting performance with minimal maintenance, our super cribbing blocks provide a much safer solution to traditional wooden cribs.

Super UHMWPE interlocking crane stacker cribbig blocks can be easily and safely setup in minutes. Each individual lightweight cribbing block has integrated rope handles which makes handling, stacking and storing simple.

Ideal for a range of applications from emergency cribbing in the event of an accident to providing axle support whilst carrying out routine maintenance on wheel bubs and braking systems.


The interlocking modular design of cribbing blocks gives you the flexibility to build a crib for every type of load stabilisation and equipment levelling, whilst still being easy to move and transport.  We recommend two configurations depending on the load capacities you need to support - a 2-block layer crib and a 3-block layer crib.

Big strength and supports

Safety is critical when lifting and lowering heavy equipment. Traditionally wooden cribs have been used to provide temporary structures to support and stabilise loads, but when left outside and exposed to the elements they splinter and rot. Engineered from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) our cribbing block products are resistant to water and chemicals.

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