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Slide professional UHMWPE abrasion resistant dasher board system
Slide professional UHMWPE abrasion resistant dasher board system
Update: 2019-6-10      

The synthetic UHMWPE with self-lubricating function is used in the four seasons ice skating board.UHMWPE is recognized as the material for skating ice that is close to real ice.It has the characteristics of high density, high strength and self-lubrication, which can effectively reduce scratches and ensure the effect of skating, and at the same time has a long service life.


Simulated ice skating rink floor: imitation ice skating rink is a popular ice sports product in Europe, America, Japan and other countries in recent years.Thanks to advances in technology, fake ice is virtually indistinguishable from real ice, but has a cost advantage that rivals none.At the same time, no matter the venue, weather, season or temperature, you can enjoy the fun of skating at any time, indoors or outdoors.The fake ice skating rink is a fashionable choice for ice sports fans.You can enjoy the fun of skating without the high cost and complicated refrigeration equipment.No electricity and water bills, no heavy maintenance, removable, suitable for all skating sports.There are no strict site restrictions.Innovative manufacturing methods make it a market - accepted fake ice skating rink products.Imitation rinks are perfect for all sizes of rinks.Its many USES include ice hockey, figure skating, regular skating, goalkeeping training, carnival celebrations and more.It can be used indoors or outdoors.It is not limited by season, site or ambient temperature.Easy to disassemble and assemble and move freely.

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