HDPE cutting board, Plastic cutting board, easy cleaning cutting board, chop block
HDPE cutting board, Plastic cutting board, easy cleaning cutting board, chop block
Update: 2019-12-5      

HDPE cutting board

Our HDPE cutting board could overcome the disadvantages of the traditional plastic and wooden cutting boards, such as crazing, distortion, being liable to generate bacteria and inconvenience for washing. It is much stronger in toughness than traditional ones with high quality and low price.

Specifications of HDPE cutting board

Size and color could be customized.
FDA&NSF compliant
Low water absorption
Chemical resistance


HDPE, 100% Food grade


square, round


as your demands


white, coffee, green, yellow, blue, red, etc


Home, hotels, meat processing, etc


SGS, conformable to relative standards of FDA

Excellent advantages of HDPE cutting board

1. sanitation, antisepsis, corrosion resistance

2. strong toughness

3. convenience for washing

4. high and low temperature resistance

5. resists cuts, stains, odours, cracking, warping, chipping or rotting

6. durable and lightweight

Application of HDPE cutting board

• Textile Industry
• Chemical industry
• Food processing industry
• Paper industry
• Material hanging
• Farm implement
• Mining & Metal processing
• Transportation
• Consumer products
• Waste water treatment
• Food and beverage light industry
• Sport and amusement industry
• Medicine field Extreme temperatures, sanitaion and contamination can cause

Frustrating problems in food and beverage process environments. Our products can resolve many of these frustrations with materials that are FDA approved, non-conductive, chemical resistant and impervious to hot and cold temperatures which are the perfect solution for parts that are wearing out prematurely due to rust or chemical wash-downs.

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