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Excellent machined UHMWPE Plate, Sheet,High impact conceyor impact bars With UHMWPE bars
Excellent machined UHMWPE Plate, Sheet,High impact conceyor impact bars With UHMWPE bars
Update: 2019-6-7      

The application of manufacturer china UHMWPE/HDPE sheet/board/plate

1. Environmental protection, sanitation (such as solid waste Customer made CNC plastic sheet/UHMWPE sheet landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plants Chi-conditioning, industrial, hospital solid waste, etc.).

2. Water (such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs of the anti-dam, plugging, reinforced by excellent quality natural white uhmwpe sheet could prevent of the canal seepage, the vertical wall of the heart, slope protection, etc.).

3. Municipal Engineering (subway, on the ground floor of the building, planted roof, the roof garden of anti-seepage, sewage pipes lining, etc.).

4 .Landscape (man-made lake, river, reservoir, golf courses reservoirs of the substrate, slope protection, green lawn of the waterproof moisture, etc.).

5. Petrochemical (chemical plants, oil refineries, gas storage tanks of the anti-chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks of the lining, etc.). 

6 Mining (washing and pool heap leaching, the ash-field, dissolved, precipitation, the yard, the tailings seepage substrates, etc.).

The properties of manufacturer UHMWPE/HDPE sheet/board/plate

 Extremely high anti-abrasion;

 Excellent self-lubricating performance;

 Good in resisting impact, flexibility;

 Being excellent in resisting chemical corrosion(acid, alkali, salt);

 Being free from toxin, smell or exudates;

 Good electric resistance;

 Low in water absorption;

 Low coefficient of friction;

 Resisting environment and anti-aging;

 Resisting high and low temperature

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