Bulk Material Polymer self-lubricating UHMWPE Lining Systems
Bulk Material Polymer self-lubricating UHMWPE Lining Systems
Update: 2020-11-5      

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PE 88 lining system, PE 1000 lining system, UHMWPE lining system, PE-UHMW lining system

After one of the below two events  has occurred, the operator or production personnel take to extreme measures to relieve flow.  These include but are not limited to: sledge hammers on the side of the bin (this results in bin rash), jackhammers and in extreme cases dynamite.  These methods for unclogging are extremely harmful to the bin and warp the bin into a shape that is contradictory to the flow of the bulk materials.  This creates ledges and exposed rust that creates areas where bulk materials will build up. There are also the health and safety factors to consider when using these methods.  Personnel could injure themselves when swinging a heavy sledgehammer overhead or handling a jackhammer on the side of a bin or hopper.  This also reduces the integrity of the bin/hopper and could lead to a structural failure.

Other automated methods for encouraging flow are air cannons and vibrators.  Both methods are extremely noisy and costly to run.  These methods also don’t create mass flow in the bin which is essential for a first in first out methodology and can still have clumping issues in the bin.

When a bin is lined with a self-lubricating  polymer lining system (PE 88, PE 1000 lining systems)there is no need for all these potentially unsafe and costly alternatives for improving flow.  Our liners promote production efficiencies, reduce ongoing costs, noise reduction as well as a safer and happier workforce.  It also has nearly zero percent moisture absorption, so materials don’t stick to the liner even in freezing temperatures or in humid weather.  Lastly, these liners are crosslinked with alternate materials to help them handle the toughest conditions and/or higher temperatures.

Issues with Bulk Material Flow as below :

Flow issues can slow production to a standstill and result in dangerous working conditions, wasted material and cost overruns. In today’s competitive environment, losing time and money to erratic or no flow is frustrating and expensive if you need to replace or repair equipment due to premature wear.

Unlined bins tend to suffer from all sorts of issues that result in reduced flow and production issues.  The two main causes of erratic flow that arise when managing bulk materials are: rat-holing and bridging.

Bluk material Rat-holing is caused by material and the steel of the hopper absorbing moisture and sticking to each other.  This causes the material to stick on the side of the bin causing a large material buildup around the perimeter of the bin and reducing material flow (isolated flow) to slender channels in the middle of the bin.

Mateiral Bridging is material sticking to itself and creating a bridge or arch-like structure over the opening of the bin. This is due to moisture and the irregularities on the surface of the bulk materials interlocking and building a solid bridge.  When this occurs, it reduces the flow to almost nothing.

Bulk Material Polymer self-lubricating UHMWPE Lining Systems

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