High density polyethylene construction road mats/plate/pads
High density polyethylene construction road mats/plate/pads
Update: 2018-11-1      

Our High density polyethylene construction road mats/plate/pads  innovations in temporary roads and work sites have enabled builders and contractors to get their jobs done in all kinds of weather and over some of the most sensitive terrain on Earth.

XINXING hollow temporary road mats is a new design by XINXING same as the famous Dura base mats which provides a safe, cost-effective surface for year-round, all-weather performance. Engineered of high-performance thermoplastic by Newpark's team of experienced technicians, XINXING Advanced Composite Mats provide a tough, field proven and protective surface that can be used for any application that requires access in special environments, stabilization for heavy equipment or simple ground protection.

 The reason why come to buy XINXING composite hollow track mats:

 Solid ground support in all soils

Provide safe work platform for personnel in all conditions

Reduce site construction cost

Reduce site reclamation cost

Reduce transportation cost

Reduce liner cost

Reduce liner disposal cost

Protect site from spills

XINXING produce all kinds of road mats as belows:

Construction mat

Mega Deck Mats | Composite Mats | Rig Mats | Spartan Mat

composite matting

 TuffTrak mats, Mega Deck mats,Dura-base mats

HDPE rig mat

heavy equipment stabilization mat

temporary roadway matting systems

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