Super-Glide slick rink floor, mobile ice rink for family/amusement park
Super-Glide slick rink floor, mobile ice rink for family/amusement park
Update: 2019-9-11      

Super-Glide slick rink floor is designed to give the least amount of resistance for ice skating. The new ingredients lubricate the blade as you skate creating the perfect skating surface. With a new installation design as well, super-glide slick ensures decades of skating enjoyment.

Super-glide slick designed to meet the needs of the home owner, panels are a manageable 3' x 3' size that are light and very easy for a single person to assemble (and disassemble) in minutes. Convenient size reduces shipping costs and the pallet can be dropped right at your door.  Turn any basement, garage or extra room into a skating rink.

Commercial Facilities are now all using Super-glide Slick ice rink floor as well, inside or outside, skating has never been easier.  Start a skating rink rental business, rinks rent for $3,500-$5,000 per day. 

Ice on ice has a coefficient of friction of .02 - .09 (avg. ice rink is .06),SLICK on SLICK has a coefficient of friction of .04

Very Important: Skating Training needs to be on a surface realistic to ice, many plastics sold as "synthetic ice" are not. The player changes body positions to adapt to the surface, then when returning to ice, has problems. This constant changing hinders progress, consistency is what players need to improve. Xinxing chemical company has been the leader in producing skating surfaces at such a high quality professional players now demand the super-glide slick ice rink products.

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