Stabilizer Jack Pads, Crane leg support mats, UHMWPE outrigger pads for crane
Stabilizer Jack Pads, Crane leg support mats, UHMWPE outrigger pads for crane
Update: 2019-7-11      

Ground conditions can vary considerably from location to location and exhibit variable soil bearing pressures. These conditions will have an impact on the performance of the outrigger pads. As a rule of measure, the maximum allowable deflection of the outrigger pads should not exceed three (3) inches.

Xinxing engineered composite outrigger pads offer a lightweight design for ease of handling, making them great outrigger pads for a bucket truck, but rigid enough to efficiently spread loads over their entire surface, while also perfect for crane stabilizer pads.  They are very effective when used properly but not indestructible.

Please refer to the outrigger specification for general guidance on the proper use of our composite outrigger mats.  Outrigger pads do not guarantee the safety of any operation and they should be used in conjunction with the equipment manufacturer recommendations, general safety guidelines, and common sense.

For those heavier cranes or less suitable soil conditions, traditional solid composite pads may be warranted.  Handles are located on width side of all pads.  Pads measuring 30 inches or larger have two or more handles opposite each other.


Top Features for Outrigger Pad 900*900*50mm Safety textured surface tread 

No delamination

Safety colored rope handles 

Light weight

No splinters

Recovery memory

No warping after bending

Manufactured in China

Use Types

Lightweight Cranes, Industrial Vehicles, Lift Buckets Trucks, Utility Trucks, Boom Trucks

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