smoothly UHMWPE synthetic ice skating floor
smoothly UHMWPE synthetic ice skating floor
Update: 2019-7-5      

For better performance and durability, our synthetic ice panel is made of UHMWPE, it is special designed for metal blade ice skates, our panels is smooth and super glide, the friction coefficient is 15% greater than real ice. It provides a real ice like glide experience. UHMWPE is a self lubricating materials, it enable your rink to be used in all weather and condition, there is no need to use wax or additives. It is a perfect choice for training and exercise.
Synthetic ice rink requires minimal maintenance, ice rinks are linked by interlocking, it is a  panel- panel connection which can be installed in minutes by simply hammering the panels together. Ice rink panels can withstand limitless installation, the life time up to 10 years.

Advantages of mobile ice rink

1.    Ice skating is feasible in the four seasons all the year around

2.    Usage is available indoor and outdoor

3.    Fit for fixed and mobile ice rinks because of its easily and conveniently  installation

4.    Low cost management: utilities bills are saved for water and electric being not needed

5.    Easy maintenance

6.    Longer service lifetime of not less than 10 years

7.    Green, environmental protection and no pollution

8.    Completely  recyclable

9.    Using  with the common ice skating equipment

Application of mobile ice rink

1.     The middle or large amusement park

2.     Some training facilities

3.     Ice-sports such as speed and figure skate, ice-hockey, curling area

4.     Shopping centres

5.     Sport shop and parks

6.     Ice Events, fairs and theatres, etc.

7.     Hotel and children’s slide

8.     Entertainment and holiday villages

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