Bended corner UHMW-PE pads
Bended corner UHMW-PE pads
Update: 2016-10-9      

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd can produce various UHMWPE Fender pads like flat UHMWPE Pads, corner UHMW-PE pads,edge UHMWPE PADS

XINXING is a Chinese manufacturer of UHMW-PE (Ultra High Moleculair Weight Polyethylene). This material is commonly used for marine and port construction applications, for example:
low resistance sliding pads on fender panels
low resistance slinding panels for bridge and pier protection
corner protection for offshore structures, berths and other marine facilities
The panels are available in various sizes (made to order) and colours. As a result, these panels can also be used for (limited) navigational purposes.

XINXING manufactures the UHMW-PE panels in several qualities, for example:
PE 1000 HT quality - regenerate (typically in black/multicoloured)
PE 1000 quality - virgin (available in a number of colours)
PE 1000 AS quality - anti static - specifically for hazardeous areas, eg LNG terminals
PE 1000 UV quality - UV-stabilised
UHMW-PE panels in 2-layers (bottom PE 500 and top PE 1000 HT
The UHMW-PE panels are always custom made, and can be supplied with countersunk holes and chamfers (as per customers specification).

The XINXING UHMW-PE is made in accordance with the latest ISO standards. Product specifications are available upon request. 


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