Temporary sidewalk Mats, temporary road mats
Temporary sidewalk Mats, temporary road mats
Update: 2019-7-10      

Temporary Sidewalk Mats

When you need protection for landscape or turf from vehicles or foot traffic during a temporary construction job, our Xinxing Diamond Black mats will give you the toughness you need. These temporary walkway mats are the perfect solution, providing an easy to walk on, safe to work on, and great to drive on surface, featuring an exclusive Xinxing slip-resistant tread design.

If you're looking for temporary sidewalk ideas, these pieces offer the most versatility in the industry. The slip-resistant tread allows pedestrians to walk safely on the mats, yet they are extremely rugged. The reverse side of the mat has a diamond plate tread that yields great traction for vehicles.

Without question, our temporary walkways are the best available in the market. Every ground protection mat that we offer carries a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. These walkways mats include the highest quality material, the most tested material, and the longest lasting temporary roadway and walkway product on the market. 

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