HDPE road mats, track mats,dual base mats for heavy vechile and crane
HDPE road mats, track mats,dual base mats for heavy vechile and crane
Update: 2019-3-15      

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd produce all kinds of hdpe road mats,hdpe track mats,hdpe dual base mats as per customer real ground conditions and requirements.Both heavy duty road mats and light duty pedestrian mats is available with us.

Ground protection mat panels are made from a combination of High Density Polyethylene Copolymer and our own nano-clay filler that is the strongest filler used in composite mats. anywhere. Each side has an integrated moulded traction pattern which enables pedestrians and vehicles to travel along temporary trackways in safety. ground protection mats are non-absorbent, which is a real help in stopping cross-contamination between job sites.

It's aluminium connection system is just as strong as the matting itself. The connection system is easy to use and only needs a simple, standard Allen key, meaning that there are no small parts to lose on site! Mats are connected to one other along each edge, providing a strong connection and eliminating the risk of drifting out of place or separating.

The advantage of the temporary ground protection mat:
1.Rated against breakage by vehicles up to 120 Tonnes.
2.Light to carry and quick to lay by hand, only 39kg
3.Bog Mats are available to purchase or hire
4.No hiab crane needed
5.Elminate cost of continually replacing slippery splintered plywood board
6.Multiple joiner clips on each edge provide secure fixing and slot together without tool
7.Super tough 100% recycled (and recyclable) plastic
8.Easy to move around using the Handi-Hook

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