Blue UHMWPE Fender pad
Blue UHMWPE Fender pad
Update: 2016-12-30      

XINXING's UHMW-PE comes in many colors and thicknesses per project requirements and also .Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd  produce all kinds of UHMWPE Fender pads according to customer drawing.XINXING blue UHMWPE Fender pads is your best choice.

can be provided in a re-processed grade for a more economical solution.

XINXING’s Sliding Fenders are UHMW-PE rubbing strips manufactured and machined in sizes to suit your application.

Extremely hard wearing and highly resistant, they are an environmentally beneficial alternative to timber or rubber facings

as well as providing a low maintenance, low friction and low cost solution.

Energy/Technical: UHMW-PE Sliding Fenders can be supplied pre- drilled for easy installation and chamfered to avoid snagging.

They are available in a full range of colours – either to suit the aesthetics of the installation, to match corporate colour

schemes or in high visibility colours for added safety and easier quay/jetty identification.

Key benefits: UHMW-PE fenders are an environmentally responsible alternative to tropical hardwoods and are fully recyclable.

They also provide the benefits of higher wear resistance (even greater than steel) and lower maintenance; as they do not split or rot and

are fully resistant to infestation from marine borers.

The low friction coefficient and high abrasion resistance of UHMW-PE provides an ultra smooth surface for the vessel

to slide easily along the face of the fender.    


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