Multi Color High Density Molecular Weight HDPE Sheet
Multi Color High Density Molecular Weight HDPE Sheet
Update: 2019-6-7      

HDPE, the full name is high density polyethylene. The higher density improves its tensile strength ,surface hardness and heat deflection temperature. It is widely used because of its good impact resistance, nice chemical resistance, low water absorption and good resistance to UV.

Craft :Mould pressing or Extrusion
Material:100%virgin material or recycled material 
Note :Any shape and size could be made by CNC engraving machine according to drawing.

wear resistance, strong anti sliding friction. 
impact toughness. 
Strong corrosion resistance. 
Non-toxic. UHMW is non-toxic and harmless
Low temperature resistance and anti aging. 
Surface non adhesion, non fouling. 
Excellent crack resistance.

Recyclable HDPE construction formwork board
Wear resisting and chemical resisting liner sheet 
Anti-UV sheet for children playground 
Colored sheet for advertising and caution board:
FDA standard HDPE board as cutting board :
HDPE board as ice rink floor
Hockey rink ,ice rink barrier by HDPE sheet 
HDPE board for making furniture.
HDPE sheet for printing

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