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Floorball Rink/Floorball Barrier/Floorball Board
Floorball Rink/Floorball Barrier/Floorball Board
Update: 2016-7-12      
 Floorball boards (also called rink) are an expensive investment and they aren’t necessarily needed for school or recreational purposes. Boards’ lifespan is long and nowadays they are common equipment in sports halls across Europe. Floorball rink is assembled from two meters long straight pieces and four rounded corners. Official floorball rink size is 40x20m. Boards can be easily connected and the rink assembled in no time. Boards are easily storable and transportable thanks to special trolley/s. Rinks are usually made out of laminate or polyethylene in white or black colours.

Certified Barrier system for floorball, inner range 40 x 20 m, r=2,09m, height 0,5m, high resistant polypropylene, special technology of welding (molecular weld). The material for floorball rinks was tested in extremly high conditions, used on barrier system of outdoor streethockey rinks and universal outdoor field.

Rink Delivery   

 54pcs of straight segments 2m

4 pcs of strainght segments 1m    

4pcs of corner segments3.14m

The colours we provide Black nature white

Transport trolley

Transport trolley - 2pcs (zinc dipping). Easy manipulation with floorball rink segments.

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