Outrigger pads, Jack pads, boom truck leg support mats
Outrigger pads, Jack pads, boom truck leg support mats
Update: 2020-1-14      

Extreme Strength & Rigidity crane outrigger pads

Extreme Strength and Rigidity

XINXING Pads are engineered to provide maximum strength and rigidity for mobile cranes, hi-lift aerials and concrete pumpers. With crush ratings up to 600 psi and rated capacities of up to 250000lbs, XINXING Pads are a cost-saving and high-performance solution when extreme rigidity is needed.

The Engineered Difference

XINXING Outrigger Pads are built using UHMWPE. UHMWPE is a composite material used in vehicle bridge decks, rail platforms, and marine pilings. XINXING Pads deliver the same strength, rigidity, and durability these applications require but in an easy to use 2-person carry stabilizer pad.

Support in Poor Soil Conditions

The HDPE deliver exceptional strength and stiffness. Even when faced with poor soil conditions, XINXING Outrigger Pads provide the rigidity, strength, and support you can trust.

Tough, Long lasting and Durable

XINXING Pads have a 20+ year lifespan and are impervious to water, chemicals, and ultraviolet light. These Xinxing pads are also easy to handle while providing the engineered rigidity and strength your most demanding environments require.

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