Temporary road protection mat, HDPE  Road mats, construction road mats, HDPE ground protection mats
Temporary road protection mat, HDPE Road mats, construction road mats, HDPE ground protection mats
Update: 2019-9-5      

Temporary road mat for vehicles Compressive anti-skid pavement slab. engineering plastic pavement slab (UHMWPE material) paving engineering plastic special polymer swamp beach. pavement slab, Sand pavement slab, Temporary road special composite engineering plastic pavement slab, antiskid pavement slab, Reusable compressive antiskid pavement slab, Marsh pavement slab, Bearing 50-280 ton car safety by polymer composite pavement slab polyethylene composite pavement slab, Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pavement slab, desert marsh mud drilling platform, The construction site special polyethylene compressive pavement slab, antiskid pavement slab choose ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate

Can be used to earthquake emergencies such as fast construction of temporary road or a wide range of damage for rapid repair of roads, airports, suitable for disaster relief, military emergency, etc.


Temporary road mat for vehicles in the areas of application:

Civil engineering construction site and foundation work

the pedestrian overpass

emergency channel

Temporary road and parking lot

The maintenance of public venues and infrastructure

afforestation and the protection of heritage and ecological conservation

golf courses, and maintenance of the sports ground

sports and leisure activities

drilling engineering

oil drilling industry

Marshes, wet muddy ground condition and so on some emergency construction site

Specifications temporary road mat for vehicles:


HDPE (high density polyethylene), UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate)


Temporary road mat for vehicles standard size:





Other size also available.

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