foldable floorball soccer rebounder boards
foldable floorball soccer rebounder boards
Update: 2020-10-20      

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd is the leading manufacture for HDPE foldable football soccer rebounder boards. We can produce different colors like yellow floorball rebounder boards, black football rebounder boards, red rebounder boards and other colors.Pro soccer rebounder created using premium impact resistant polypropylene composite material

XINXING floorball rebounder board, soccer rebounder board is made by  highly durable HD composite material, you can apply this training board to your soccer rebounder drills for years to come. Ideal for those who train consistently, the football soccer rebounder wall can handle constant ball impact without becoming damaged. Its compact design and convenient carry handle makes this soccer kickback rebounder suitable for training wherever you please, and can easily fit into a regularly sized car boot.

•Available in three sizes: 39in x 16in 1000X400MM  | 39in x 24in 1000X600MM  | 59in x 16in  1500X400MM

floorball  rebounder board thickness can be as request like 20-30mm

•Angled legs which allow for enhanced grip on all surfaces and can be folded away flat pack storage
•Dual-angle soccer rebounding board with both angles offering a different style of rebound
•Heavy-duty soccer rebounder perfect for consistent and repetitive rebounding exercises at home or in club training

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