synthetic ice rink , mobile synthetic ice skating panels, ice rink floor, skating plastic board
synthetic ice rink , mobile synthetic ice skating panels, ice rink floor, skating plastic board
Update: 2019-9-11      

Get your ice rink for Christmas, a highly requested attraction at this time of year. Not better way to encourage Christmas shoppings, help the shops in the area and get a decoration and environment of these dates. Last but not least, more advantages of installing synthetic ice rinks at Christmas:


Profitability: obtaining income through the sale of tickets for minutes of skating, as well as possibility of income through merchandising articles, cafeteria next to the ice rink, and / or advertising in billboards of other businesses or entrepreneurs. Buy your rink at the best market price!

Free publicity: The local and regional media will publish the installation of the synthetic ice rink as it is a highly requested activity during the Christmas season, getting free publicity to the initiative, and being able to reach as many people as possible. Likewise, other local entrepreneurs will want to place their vinyl and advertising on your billboards. You will be able to obtain additional income that will help to make your investment profitable sooner than you think.

Take care of the environment: Our synthetic ice rinks do not consume energy or water for maintenance or installation. This generates savings in electricity and water bills, in addition to the non-emission of CO2, and no need for glycol, a chemical product for cooling conventional ice rinks.

Good for businesses because it increases consumption and traffic of people. Many residents of the town will leave their homes to enjoy a day of skating, as well as take advantage of shopping in the area. A Christmas Skating rink, will bring added value to the town, as neighbors from other nearby locations will also attend.

Easy assembly: How to install an ice rink at Christmas? The XINXING synthetic ice rinks are easily assembled and disassembled, for example, an average ice rink of 200m2 can be assembled in a single day with four operators. Facilitating the use during the Christmas season and disassembling when it finishes.

Events: From ballet to theater, hockey exhibitions … The XINXING rinks are perfect to give the special touch to the most magical time of the year. Attract more people thanks to the Christmas synthetic ice rink, with the organization of this type of events, thus boosting the space, and maximizing extra income from complementary activities (cafeteria, merchandising …).

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