Temporary road protection mats, extruded HDPE ground protection mats/plate
Temporary road protection mats, extruded HDPE ground protection mats/plate
Update: 2019-7-11      

The XINXING heavy duty temporary access mat that provides safe work areas over soft ground conditions and hard surfaces. Suitable for a wide range of applications and easy to install.

Our XINXING panels are used across a wide range of industries including civil engineering, landscaping, golf course and sports field maintenance, holiday home parks, heritage and archaeological sites and a multitude of other applications. This enables more efficient and safer working conditions whilst at the same time promoting a more professional image to clients and customers.

Each ground protection mat sent out is securely strapped to a timber pallet, each of which can hold up to a maximum of 50 panels. Weighing approximately 1440kg, single, double and ‘U’ metal joiners can be supplied if necessary, or alternatively, strong black cable ties. There are also a number of more secure connectors available. As with all temporary roadway systems, our panels are not suitable to use with steel tracked excavators as this could result in damage to the panels.

Applications – Main Sectors


Construction and civil engineering

Drilling contractors



Emergency access

Temporary road and work areas

Hard and soft landscaping work

Sports facilities and recreational grounds

Pedestrian walkways

Any project requiring safe temporary access for vehicles and equipment ,purchase XINXING mats.

Our ground protection mats are ideal to use in grassed or sensitive grounds conditions. Our products are extremely cost effective and available to buy at very competitive prices.

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