heavy duty temporary access track road mats
heavy duty temporary access track road mats
Update: 2019-2-27      
Our temporary roads are assembled with composite matting that interlocks to provide a stable surface for site access. Utilities and construction companies hire this equipment to work in designated wetlands and any unstable ground conditions. Schools, universities, clubs and event organisers use them as temporary access to protect lawns and fields while installing staging and for pedestrian walkways.

XINXING produce three kinds of temporary road access mats :heavy duty road mats, midum duty road mats and light duty road mats which covered all mats that used on the world.So customer can find everykinds of temproary road mats in Xinxing factory.

For heavy duty road mats:Size is 4500X2000X38MM,3000X2500X38MM,5900X2130X88MM 

For midum road mats :3000X2000X20MM,2400X1200X20MM,4000X2000X20MM

For light duty mats :2440X1220X10MM OR 12.7MM other length and width also available with us.

XINXING's temporary road mats distribute weight evenly across the surface, reducing the impact to the ground beneath. This allows vegetation to spring back after mat removal. The solid construction of the mats reduces cross-contamination as they do not absorb water. Ideal for construction site access.

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