Crane foot support  stabilizer jack cribbing outrigger pads
Crane foot support stabilizer jack cribbing outrigger pads
Update: 2019-2-25      

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd produce all kinds of crane foot support pads,crane stabilizer jacking blocks, crane cribbing plates,crane outrigger pads.

Many crane incidents and accidents happen because of an inadequate supporting surface below the outriggers. The supporting surface is one of the single most important factors of crane operation. The capacity of your crane is only as good as the supporting surface beneath the outriggers. This is especially important to keep in mind when working over the corner. Since the entire weight of the crane and the load can be transferred to it when the crane is making a lift. Cribbing under the outrigger pads helps support the crane and load weight, adding to the setup safety. Cribbing helps absorb noise, vibration, and provides extra grip for the outriggers. Cribbing must be made of a substantial material, be larger than the outrigger pad, and always level to decrease risk of slipping. Always make sure that the mats or cribbing is sufficient to support the entire weight of the crane and the load. 

The combination of quality crane mats, outrigger pads, blocking and cribbing will help you operate your mobile crane more safely, reliably, and give optimally support the load.

Our engineered plastic cribbing plates and outrigger pads offer lightweight, strong, and solid support for your crane. Unlike other materials, XINXING Crane outrigger plates can be easily handled and positioned by one person. Our plates don’t warp like wood or corrode like steel. They have no pilferage value, and with XINXING'S lifetime replacement guarantee, we’re confident they won’t break.

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