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Extruded Food grade Polypropylene  PP sheet
Extruded Food grade Polypropylene PP sheet
Update: 2017-11-2      

Extruded Food grade Polypropylene  PP sheet ,Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd have nearly 15 years in producing the pp sheets

 PP material is one of most important thermoplastic plastics, and it has the lightest weight  in universal resins. PP products usually can be used to cathode paint dipping pool, pickling tank, 
 swimming pool base, flue gas noozle, air discharge equipment, blow-off line, gasscrubber,  plating tank cleaning pipe system. 
 There are PP-H and PP-C for PP material, the suitable temperature for PP-H is 0°C~100°C,  and -20°C~80°C for PP-C, it means PP-C products are more suitable to use in low temperature  circumstance.
 PP-H material has better hardness and transparency than PP-C material, but  the tenacity  and other characters are not as good as PP-C material. And the price of PP-H material is cheaper  than PP-C material.  

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