UHMW polyethylene sheet with 5% boron for radiation shielding
UHMW polyethylene sheet with 5% boron for radiation shielding
Update: 2020-8-15      

XINXING produce 5%boron polyethylene sheet, 10% polyethylene sheet, 15% polyethylene sheet, 20% polyethylene sheet, 30% polyethylene sheet and machined polyethylene parts as per customer demands.

Borated polyethylene sheet specification

5% Boron by Weight

10% Boron by Weight

20% Boron by Weight

30% Boron by Weight

Borated Polyethylene sheet produced by XINXING chemical is the perfect choice for shielding neutrons for applications such as cargo screening, border protection and nuclear submarines. The borated polyethylene sheets come in 5%-30% boron by weight.
The borated polyethylene sheets can be cut and/or machined to your specifications.

Borated polyethylene sheet applications:

Neutron Shielding Protection
Cargo Screening
Nuclear Submarines and Naval Ships

All kinds of color is available with us .

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