Muti-function groud protection mats, HDPE strong ground protection mats
Muti-function groud protection mats, HDPE strong ground protection mats
Update: 2019-7-10      

Usage Ideas

These temporary walkways have a large number of potential uses, especially in areas where you'll be running heavy equipment or having people move around in a location where the ground is soft or needs to be protected.

Base for Ladder or Scaffolding: If you need to use a ladder or scaffolding in an area of muddy ground, the ladder's feet will grip tightly to the mat, preventing you from sinking the ladder or scaffolding into the ground, creating a falling hazard.

Moving Day: If you have a lot of heavy objects that must be moved across a grassy area, lay down these temporary walkway parts, and you can drag or wheel the objects without becoming caught in the turf. Additionally, the people walking will have a sturdy footing.

Pouring Cement: When backing a heavy vehicle into area of dirt to pour a driveway or sidewalk, lay these mats on the dirt and allow the cement truck to drive on the mats. This will give the truck's tires a sturdy surface with a raised diamond pattern on which to gain traction.

Protection for a Track: If you need to move a lot of people or a heavy vehicle across a track and field surface or another slightly soft surface, laying our temporary walkways mats across the surface of the track prevents the vehicle or foot traffic from digging into the surface. Our mats work especially well at schools where football or soccer players may need to walk across a track surface in cleated shoes to reach the football or soccer field in the center of the track. Our mats prevent damage from the cleats.

Roadway for Power Equipment: Everyone needs to employ power equipment at a home or business from time to time, whether it's for new construction, tree trimming or repairs. Don't let the power equipment's wheels or treads tear up your grass by laying out our temporary roadway pieces.

Sidewalk to the Water: Use these walkway mats to create a temporary sidewalk that leads from your cabin across sand, gravel, or mud to the lake.

Switch from Vehicle to Foot: Because our Mats are reversible, you can lay them down with the diamond plate tread upward, allowing vehicles to gain some traction as they move across the mats. Then if you later need to have people walk across the mats, you can reverse them to leave the smooth side of the mat upward for pedestrians. People can walk across the diamond plate tread surface too, but it is less comfortable on the feet than the smooth surface.

Walking on New Grass: If you just laid sod, you can use these mats to walk across the wet sod without sinking into the ground. Just don't leave the mats on the sod very long or you could damage the new grass.

Really, anywhere you need a temporary walkway or driveway that can handle heavy weight on top of it and a soft ground beneath it, the Diamond Black mats represent the perfect solution.

Benefits for Vehicles

Not only can our mats help to protect the ground from damage from the wheels or treads on heavy equipment, but they can give the equipment a trustworthy surface for maintaining traction on soft ground. Nothing is worse than driving a heavy piece of equipment into an area where you need to work, only to have the equipment become stuck in mud, meaning you cannot finish the work ... and you have to pay someone to come and tow the vehicle out of the mud.

By using the temporary roadways mats, you'll be able to finish the job far more quickly too. The vehicle will be able to move more quickly across these mats versus having to drive slowly on soft ground. And you won't have to worry about the equipment sinking into the soft ground as you're working, making it far more difficult to drive the vehicle back out of the area. 

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