ground protection mats, crane mats, HDPE temporary road mats
ground protection mats, crane mats, HDPE temporary road mats
Update: 2019-12-16      


Unlevel and soft terrain can be dangerous when working with heavy equipment such as cranes, lifts and dozers. An unstable landscape can cause machinery to sink or tip causing damage to your equipment or even injury to your employees. XINXING has been providing all types of crane mats to the construction industry for over 3 decades. Our mats have been used to provide ground stabilization during the construction of pipelines, bridges, Highways, powerlines and more.

Our mats can be used for all types of natural disasters and environmental cleanups. Special projects required special needs, with multiple sizes, grades and pattern types available your choices can be overwhelming. If we don’t have the size or style you need we can custom make or order it for you to make sure that your job site stays safe. With cost effective options, financing, and more we can keep your project on budget.
Crane mats come in various sizes from a few inches thick up to 40 feet long. The standard size we manufacture are 12.7mm thick, 1220mm and 2440mm long.

Custom Options

Every job has different requirements and standards, which is why we offer multiple options for custom orders. Choose the design for your needs, whether exposed bolts, cables or chains, low profile, or custom dimensions we can accommodate to maintain a safe and productive work environment. There are many options out there. We can provide extruded mats, compressed Mats, expressed hollow mats.

And our mats can be used time by time, from one worksite to others. Every one of our crane mats provide a stable work surface. Even in the harshest conditions our crane mats allow for safe working conditions over all types of terrain, including marshes, areas with underground utilities and remote areas.

Not sure which mat you need? Want to learn more about our crane and bridge mats? Contact us today or request a free quote! We will ensure you get the right options for supporting cranes, protecting sites, and working in any terrain from sand to rugged mountains or permafrost. For temporary roads, pipeline camps, and protecting sensitive environments from damage beneath the heaviest of construction equipment, Xinxing has the solutions. Sizing can be special built to fit your jobs needs and standards with a quick turn around time to keep you on schedule.

Strength & Reliability

Crane mats should be able to support the crane and the additional carry load. Our crane matting is made from large enough HDPE/UHMWPE sheet and they’re able to take on incredible weight and be reused countless times, but remain light enough to move by truck and small equipment efficiently. Every crane mat meets a high quality of standards and made to last. Because of this, our HDPE/UHMWPE crane mats are able to be easily cleaned and reused multiple times.

Environmental Benefits

HDPE/UHMWPE crane mats are environmentally friendly. Wherever you are working, our mats not only provide the stability you need but will help protect the ground underneath from environmental damage. With our mats you don’t have to worry, as we use recycled material for all crane mats to ensure fast natural recovery to the land when your job is complete.

Many different industries use our Crane Mats:

  • Bridge & Dam Repair
  • Crane works
  • Highway & Infrastructure
  • Marine & Barge use
  • Heavy Civil Engineering
  • Utilities installation and maintenance
  • Oilfields & Drilling
  • Pipeline & Underground
  • Environmental Projects
  • Wind Energy


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