Running Smoothly UHMWPE Impact Strip/Conveyor Belt Impact Bar
Running Smoothly UHMWPE Impact Strip/Conveyor Belt Impact Bar
Update: 2019-7-4      

Product description 

As the awareness of safety and economy for mining further increases, the requirements for belt conveyors are higher and higher, where belting is of the highest importance. The impact idlers are traditionally used to protect belts around the chute, however, which has several disadvantages, e.g.,too many rotating parts, too much maintenance, jams of big block of materials and small shock surface. We have developed a new-typed impact bed, which can overcome these shortcomings. It is of wide support surface and even strength, which can guarantee the surface contact of belts and reduce the belt sagging and materials spilling effectively. Moreover, the longitudinal tear of belts, which is caused by breakage and drop of idlers, can be prevented effectually, while the belt tear caused by sharp instruments or materials can be reduced. For there is no rotating parts in impact beds, the regular maintenance is no longer required, and the operation cost goes down greatly 

 Product advantages 

l.The impact bed is mainly made up of impact bars, reinforced channel steel,supporting frame ,joints and so on. The impact bars are made of rubber bars and Ultra High Molecular Weight PU with special vulcanization technology. The rubber bars are made of rubber and frame by heat vulcanization, where the frames are made of special structural steel and used for increasing the strength and connection performance of rubber bars. The reinforced channel steel supports and protects the impact bars. The supporting frame is designed and manufactured according to size of belt conveyors and trough angle of belt, which is fixed on the supporting frame of conveyors, supporting and strengthening the reinforced channel steel and impact bars.   
2.As to the impact bars, the excellent high-elastic rubber layer can absorb the impact of the falling materials effectively, which reduce the damage caused by the falling materials greatly and improve the stress of the loading point significantly ;the top cover is made of Ultra Molecular Weight PU, which largely reduce the resistance between the belt and impact bars and are of high abrasive resistance. And all these ensure the products to be long-life and reliable.   
3.The impact bars adopt antistatic and flame retardant technology, so the products can be applied in the working condition with flammable gas.  

Products Introduction: 

Impact bar is used in the loading area of the belt conveyor to replace the traditional cushion rollers. Its designed to absorb impact loading which will dramatically reduce shock and stress loading to the structure.


Influence on belt

Buffer bed

Impact idlers


Even supporting surface, low deviation rate

Uneven abrasion to rubber ring, high deviation rate

Impact force

Continuous supporting, light impact force, low risk of tear

Uncontinuous supporting, heavy impact force, high risk of tear

Working condition

Better sealing with guide chute, low rate of material splashing

Worse sealing with guide chute, high rate of material splashing

Service life

Long service life and low maintenance cost

Short service life and high maintenance cost

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