road mats,Ground protection mats, HDPE road access mats, heavy duty matting solution
road mats,Ground protection mats, HDPE road access mats, heavy duty matting solution
Update: 2019-10-15      

Our XINXING road mats protect your expensive turf and provide access and traction over sand, mud, and other challenging surfaces and terrain. Road mats may be used to create temporary roadways for vehicles, trucks, equipment, large work pads for drilling, administrative compounds and many other industrial applications.

The Road mats is a unique molded or extruded plastic mat that is durable, lightweight, flexible and extremely strong. Sections are engineered to provide ground protection and access over soft surfaces, along with a firm support base and traction for numerous activities. 

The mats are designed with both rugged and smooth patterns on alternating sides to provide the best fit for any given situation. The rugged pattern enables maximum traction both for vehicles and the ground, and the smooth pattern allows for greater protection of the ground underneath by distributing the weight evenly over a large surface area.

The Road Mats can be purchased with connector links to securely hold the mats in place and together. This reduces the risk of slipping on the mats as vehicles operate at relatively higher speeds. At instances of high rev driving on the mats, the connectors also reduce any risk of single units from sliding out of place and slipping out from underneath the vehicle.


Thickness (mm)     10~40

Dimensions (mm)  According to your requirement

Color: Black, white, yellow, blue, green,etc

Material  Premium recycled or virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE)

Connectivity: Drop-in bolt system

Key applications:

Events and Festivals

Improved access and ground protection for film sets on location, aircraft taxiways, multi-sport events and car shows

Stadiums and Fields

Provide safe pedestrian and vehicle access while protecting lawns, stadium turf and other sensitive ground types

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