high quality HDPE sheet, white color HDPE sheet, colored HDPE sheet
high quality HDPE sheet, white color HDPE sheet, colored HDPE sheet
Update: 2019-11-26      

XINXING CHEMICAL specializes in the manufacturing of polyethylene plastic sheet serving the needs of manufacturing companies and distributors throughout China.We focus on serving the commercial or government marketplace as a prime contractor or partner to other companies.


At XINXING, we are constantly working to be the industry benchmark for quality, responsiveness, and value for each of our customers. Our XINXING Team consistently strives to exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional service based on innovation, persistence, and a high standard of excellence.

XINXING HDPE Advantages:

 Can be easily cut, colored, machined and welded for easy fabrication

Can be used for some structural fabrication because of its superior strength

Much stronger than Low-Density Polyethylene

Moisture resistant

Impact resistant

Material will not splinter

Very resistant to cleaning agents.


Custom sheet plastic extrusion

Polyolefin products


Sheet width up to 2000mm, and length up to 4000mm

Rolled sheet plastic made to customer specifications

Co-extrusion capability

Laminations on plastic sheet

Efficient use of post-consumer recycled plastic

Unique custom orders with rapid response

Lightweight polyethylene sheet

Custom color match

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