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XINXING Plastic temporary road ground protection mats used on bog areas

XINXING Plastic temporary road ground protection mats used on bog areas. Customer from XINXING chemical have gave us feedback about the temporary road mats performs very well on bog area and very wet areas.

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd can produce all kinds of ground mats like quick event mats, heavy duty road mats, interlocking composite mats, double base mats and other kind of temporary road mats to meet different customer demands.

Below is some customer feedback for our temporary road mats

HDPE quick event mats system

Heavy duty temporary road mats

Compared with the steel panels, XINXING plastic temporary road mats have the below advantages:

Light weight is 1/7 of steel-quick disassembly and easy handling
Good toughness and constant bending-super load-bearing

 Seamless splicing of any site size-dust-proof and noise-absorbing
Deformation and rebound. Four corners can be spliced and fixed-no harm to people or car
Single and double-sided anti-slip patterns-high wear resistance and more slip-resistant.
No rust, no corrosion, no foreign matter adsorption-easy to take care of
Recycling of recyclable environmentally friendly new materials.
Sufficient inventory, available for rent and sale.

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