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XINXING advanced CNC capability on UHMWPE and HDPE products

Shandong XINXING is the leading manufacture for UHMWPE and HDPE products. We own many advanced CNC milling machine, lathe, cutting machine and 5 axles machine to do the maching for UHMWPE and HDPE products.

Our UHMWPE products including the UHMWPE Fender pads, UHMWPE Roller, UHMWPE Bearing, UHMWPE Ring

HDPE products incudling HDPE cut sheet, HDPE round plate, HDPE perforated plate, HDPE roller, HDPE parts

Milling UHMWPE Sheet, Cut to size UHMWPE Sheet

Leading UHMWPE Sheet manufacture -Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd

UHMWPE machined parts, UHMWPE plate

Leading manufacture for UHMWPE and HDPE Marine fender pads.  UHMWPE and HDPE parts.

Besides the above capacity, we also have the following products :

UHMWPE Conveyor drag flight

Crane outrigger pads

Ground protection mats

Ice rink products

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