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Boron Polyethylene family( boron polyethylene parts, boron polyethylene sheets, boron polyethylene cover)

Are you looking at a boron polyethylene products? Then 3% boron polyethylene sheets, 5% boron polyethylene sheets, 10% boron polyethylene sheets, 15% -30% boron polyethylene sheets and parts. Please come to XINXING and email

Boron polyethylene parts

Not only the boron polyethylene sheets, we also produce the Boron polyethylene parts and if customer have such requirements, please send us drawing and we can produce them as per your drawings.

Boron polyethylene covers

The above picture is the boron polyethylene covers which we made for our customer

Boron polyethylene plastic rollers 

Radiation protection UHMWPE/HDPE high wear resistance uhmwpe poly board plastic sheet mainly composed of boron carbide (B4C) and polyethylene material.It can effectively prevent the harm caused by nuclear radiation to the family and society. It can absorb a lot of neutrons and not form any radioactive isotopes, so it's an ideal neutron absorber in nuclear power stations has the characteristics of low density, good attenuation curve, convenient use, low cost and good processing performance compared with traditional metal and concrete.

In all, you can get all kinds of boron polyethylene parts in Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd.

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