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Beige Color UHMWPE Overlapping Composite Ground Protection Mats

Overlapping composite ground mats-which is made of UHMWPE,with interlocking design.
Load capacity:150tonnes
  • Heavy duty ground protection mats

  • Xinxing

  • 3920109090

Construction sites are temporary opportunities to improve the built environment. They require a bevy of equipment, materials, and personnel moving in and out of a site to get the job done. This is often accomplished with the use of access matting; however, the type of mat matters. Commonly used wood and timber mats reduce the hardwood forest reserves, and they have a short lifespan, large environmental footprint, and increased freight demand and cost. Wood mats often splinter, degrade and fill our landfills after only two to three years of use. Additionally, wood mats do not interconnect with one another, which creates a nonuniform and unstable surface.

Overlapping composite mats is an alternative to wood mats that provides an eco-friendly solution, while reducing the freight costs and handling expenses by as much as 50% versus wood mats.

Overlapping composite mats is a kind of heavy-duty mats bear up to 600 psi over various terrains and climates. Ideal for construction sites, lay-down, and staging areas, the mats are made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and have UV protection and anti-static fillers. Additionally, composite mats are nonabsorbent, which helps prevent cross-contamination, rotting and degradation, and becoming saturated. Unlike wood mats, UHMWPE is nonreactive and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan. Each mat connects with adjacent mats using an overlapping flange and inter-locking system. The end result provides a continuous, uniform, and smooth surface that is easy to install in a variety of configurations. Their flexibility allows the mats to follow the contour of the terrain without breaking or cracking while helping to distribute loads to prevent rutting or damage to the underlying surface. A medium-duty alternative also is available for temporary roadways, pedestrian pathways, or turf protection.

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