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15-04 2022
UHMWPE Roller Chain guides

Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,ltd produce all kinds of roller chain guides as per customer demands.Some UHMWPE Chain guides is made by CNC processing using UHMWPE Sheets. Some standard UHMWPE chain guides is made by tooling. All material is UHMWPE material and the brand is Germany Celanese r

31-12 2021
Flame retardant HDPE ground protection mats is successfully produced

Shandong Ningjin Xinixng Chemical Co.,ltd recently have successfully produced the flame retardant HDPE ground protection mats. These kind of ground protection mats is mostly used on mining industry and underground mining areas.The mats can be up to V0 grade V1 grade and V2 grade which can be safely

10-12 2021
200mm thick Borated Polyethylene UHMWPE Sheet

200mm thick Borated Polyethylene UHMWPE Sheet is now our new products. Before today, we can only produce the thickness less than 180mm boron polyethylene sheets.

23-10 2021
Interlocking Temporary Road Mats

XINXING is the first manufacture in China who can produce the interlocking temporary road mats. This mats have been put into production from 9th, September, 2020. See the below characters of the interlocking temporary road mats The above heavy duty road mats can laod more than 70 tons and also hav





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