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13-03 2024
Heavy Duty Composite Construction Access Mat with Flange Overlapping Heads Out for Delivery

Another full 40GP container load of our heavy duty composite overlapping rig mat heads out for delivery. These durable composite mats provide essential ground protection at construction sites across the country. Our Composite HDPE ground mats for heavy equipment produced by our company guarantees th

04-03 2024
Installation Demonstration Video of Overlapping Flange Construction Composite Mats

Recently we conducted an installation demonstration of our overlapping flange construction composite mats. The demonstration proved that our overlapping ground mats are easy to install and not easy to loosen after being connected together. They are very suitable for large vehicles to pass through.Ov

22-10 2022
XINXING released new VR including UHMWPE sheet pressing workshop, HDPE extruded workshop, CNC processing workshop and warehouse

Since the COVID 19 happened, many foreign customer can not visit our factory. So Shandong Ningjin Xinxing chemical co.,ltd have take a new video about our company for customer. The link as below:





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