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Conveyor UHMW-PE Plastic Guide Rail / Slide Way


Conveyor UHMW-PE Plastic Guide Rail / Slide Way

Conveyor UHMW-PE Plastic Guide Rail / Slide Way is a thermoplastic engineering plastic. It combines the superior performance of all plastic, resistant to abrasion, impact resistance, chemical resistance, self-lubricating, low temperature. Silent operation to support and guide the chain, reduce chain friction, reduce noise Self lubricity carefully selected materials, good lubricity, low vibration and noise reduction, smooth transportation

UHMW-PE sheet is a kind of high-technology product,which we have developed by ouselves by using the experiences of other countries for reference.It is named national technology development and reform project by State Commission for Restructuring Economy.It is light,anti-vibration,wear-resistance,corrosion-resistance,low-friction-coefficient,anti-aging,inflammation-preventing and electrostatic-resistance.

Product name
UHMWPE Chain guide profiles
Standard/as your requirement
T type, CT type, TU type, TS type, CTS type, U type, CU type, K type, CK type, CKG type, CKG 14H type, CKG 15V type, CKG 16H type,
ETA type, R type CRG type
Chain type
Simplex, duplex, triplex
Machinery industry/medical apparatus/mining industry/ Catering light industry ect
Material Advantage
1. High wear resistance
2. High impact strength
3. Good self lubrication
4. High chemical stability
5. Completely hygienic and
non-toxic, can be used in contact with food and medicine

Xinxing can also produce the UHMWPE chain guides as per customer drawings.

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