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HDPE Plastic Interlocking Rig Mats Oil field HDPE Plastic Ground Protection Mats Heavy Duty Mud Crane Mat

Industry-specific attributes
Processing Service Cutting, weilding, milling
Other attributes
Place of Origin Shandong, China
Brand Name Xinxing
Material PE
Thickness 88-100 mm
Size 5800*2180, 4270x2180, custom size
Load Capacity 100-120 Ton
Material Composite HDPE
Color Black,Yellow,Beg,Beige,Sand
Tensile strength at break 34 Mpa
Notched izod impact strength 0.66 J/m
Abrasion wear 18.8
Melting Temperature 135.7 ℃
Tensile strength at yield 20.2 N/m㎡
Type Overlapping
Products Description

Interlock composite crane mats RigTrak Mats for Ground Protection on Oil Rig & Pipeline Sites instead of wood rig matting

Interlock composite crane mats, such as RigTrak Mats, offer a strong and long-lasting alternative to traditional wood rig matting for ground protection on oil rig and pipeline sites.
These composite construction mats, similar to megadeck, duradeck, Dura-Base,and rigtrak mats, can also be used for turf protection, event flooring, drill sites, and work platforms.

Xinxing Hollow Composite HDPE Amphi Mats

Xinxing Amphimats offer a reliable and secure surface with excellent traction for heavy-duty vehicles, work platforms, and event flooring. These mats are designed to provide a cost-effective and safe surface for year-round, all-weather performance.
Made ofhigh-performance thermoplastic by Xinxing’s experienced technicians, Amphimats are advanced composite mats that offer a tough and protective surface.
They are field-proven and can be used for any application that requires access in special environments,stabilization for heavy equipment, or simple ground protection.

Connection System

Xinxing‘s ’interlocking design features overlapping/underlapping flanges that lock together to create a continuous surface over uneven and soft ground and prevents shifting, separation and hopping under heavy rolling loads.
Amphimats locking System save time and money with fast, efficient installation. With the xinxing's special tools, the road mat can be quickly and easily disassembled and installed.

Product Specifications
Model No.
Load capacity
Qty in Container
1300 lbs


20ft 21 PCS
5800 mm
2180 mm
88 mm
590 KGs
40ft 42 PCS
XA -02
960 lbs


20ft 21 PCS
4270 mm
2180 mm
88 mm
435 KGs
40ft 42 PCS
1480 lbs

140 Tonnes

20ft 19 PCS
5800 mm
2180 mm
100 mm
672 KGs
40ft 38 PCS
1075 lbs

140 Tonnes

20ft 19 PCS
4270 mm
2180 mm
100 mm
488 KGs
40ft 38 PCS
Xinxing  composite matting creates strong, stable, nonshifting work platforms, temporary site access and pedestrian walkways that reduce the risk of accidents and protect your personnel, guests and equipment.
Amphimats access mats are made from non-toxic HDPE, which protects vegetation and environmentally sensitive areas. Signature’s construction mats eliminate cross-contamination between worksites and the possible transmission of parasites, chemicals, oils, mold and insects. Mats will not rot or degrade, which allows for long-term installations with minimal environmental impact. At the end of each use, mats can be easily cleaned.
Xinxing’s composite mats are a sustainable temporary roadway solution that helps limit deforestation and conserves one of the Earth’s most precious resources. With proper care and maintenance, Xinxing composite construction mats can be used on countless projects for 10+ years and at the end of their life can be downcycled to create new products. Addtionally, Amphi mats are properly sized to easily ship , helping you save on shipping costs while reducing your carbon footprint.
Why Choose Amphimats?
* Solid ground support in all soils
* Provide safe work platform for personnel
* Reduce site construction cost
* Reduce site reclamation cost
* Reduce transportation cost
* Reduce liner cost
* Reduce liner disposal cost
* Protect site from spills
* Temporary Roads and Site Access  * Laydown Yards  * Work Platforms  * Festivals and Concert  * Drivable beach access
* Golf and Other Outdoor Events    * Military and Disaster Relief  * Environmental Protection   * Pedestrian Accessways
Roadways | car parks | walkways | event flooring | site compounds | grass reinforcement | traffic management solutions |
wheelchair access | permeable paving and more... XINXING Mats are suitable across a wide spectrum of industries including:Construction | civil engineering   | drilling | landscaping | sports field maintenance | events | holiday home parks |heritage sites and more
Customer's Feedback.
Company Profile
Established in 1989 , Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd. has become the largest manufacturer of engineering plastics in China. Xinxing's main engineered plastic products include UHMWPE sheets and rods , HDPE sheets and rods PP sheets and PVC sheets,etc . We can also supply a huge range of custom machined plastic parts such as Marine fender , Ground protection mats , Compositerig mats , as well as Ice rink series products like Ice rink dasher board , synthetic ice panel and hockey shooting pads.

Our industrial plastic products are widely used in North America, Europe, Australia , Southeast Asia, Africa , Russia and many organizations and government projects due to their outstanding properties. Xinxing engineered thermoplastics are chemical and extremely strong compared to common plastics.

We manufacture all plastic products in strict accordance with ISO9001 production standards. Meanwhile we passed UL factory Audit,SGS Quality Audit , and kinds of third party lab tests for different products , to guarantee a high-quality , high-standard , safe and healthy production environment for workers and customers .

We always share the things " Quality first , Customer first , keeping improving" to win more benefits for our partners .
Xinxing welcome for your cooperation !
4x8ft temporary portable plastic hdpe ground mat mobile road plates impact resistant hdpe road mat;Heavy duty ground protection road mats uhmwpe plastic board heavy duty access platform;same as durabase and megadeck mat in USA;interlock composite crane mats RigTrak Mats for Ground Protection on Oil Rig & Pipeline Sites instead of wood rig matting; interlock composite crane mats RigTrak Mats for Ground Protection on Oil Rig & Pipeline Sites instead of wood rig matting;interlock composite crane mats RigTrak Mats for Ground Protection on Oil Rig & Pipeline Sites instead of wood rig matting is Strong & Long Lasting Composite Construction mat . It works like megadeck, duradeck,Dura-Base and rigtrak mat. It can be used on Oil Rig & Pipeline Sites, Turf Protection Mats & Event Flooring,drill sites and work platforms.






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