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Heavy Duty Composite Construction Mats with Overlapping Flange

Our AmphiMats(construction composite mats) is made of non-toxic HDPE, and with overlapping flanges, an interlocking design, and secure connection system,which protects vegetation and environmentally sensitive areas and will control soil compaction, preventing time consuming and expensive remediation efforts.
  • Medium duty ground protection mats

  • Xinxing

  • 3920109090

Our heavy duty composite mats provide a non-shifting surface that reduces the risk of accidents over challenging ground conditions. With reliable work surfaces, jobs stay on schedule, helping reduce project costs.

Benefits of our heavy duty construction composite mats:

Inert Material – Will does not leach any chemicals from or into the surrounding ground. Even if fuel or other contaminants get spilled onto the mats, they can be cleaned ready to go to another site.

Strong – Our systems are capable of taking traffic from everything from a wheelbarrow to a large tracked vehicle.

Improved traction – The surface of the mat is covered in a friction-enhancing pattern to give vehicles small and large the traction they need even on inclines.

Non-conductive – These ground protection mats do not conduct electricity, which is ideal for working on electrical utilities.

Quickly lock together – With various locking types and overlaps your mats will stay in place and will not separate. Keeping mud underneath and the topside clean.

Suitable for all elements – We have tested our mats thoroughly in all climates, you can be sure that they will not crack in the cold, or deteriorate in the heat.

Recyclable – The durable material that these mats are made from is not only exceptionally hard wearing it is also easily and readily recycled.

Specifications of construction access mats :

Material:High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with special impact modifiers that incorporate UV resistance and anti-static properties.

Standard size: 5980x2180mm ; 4120x2180mm;2900x2180mm.

Thickness : 88mm with texture.

Color :Black/Beige

Weight loading:1000psi,depending on subsurface conditions.

Flammability resistance:UL94HB.

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Established in 1989 , Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co., Ltd. has become the largest manufacturer of engineering plastics in China. Xinxing's main engineered plastic products include UHMWPE sheets and rods , HDPE sheets and rods PP sheets and PVC sheets,etc . We can also supply a huge range of custom machined plastic parts such as Marine fender , Ground protection mats , Compositerig mats , as well as Ice rink series products like Ice rink dasher board , synthetic ice panel and hockey shooting pads.
We manufacture all plastic products in strict accordance with ISO9001 production standards. Meanwhile we passed UL factory Audit,SGS Quality Audit , and kinds of third party lab tests for different products , to guarantee a high-quality , high-standard , safe and healthy production environment for workers and customers .





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