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Hockey Practice Shooting Pads With Rebounder

Hockey Shooting Pad is great for working on puck control and shooting.Perfect for anyone who wants to improve their on-ice game at home, the Shooting Pads make excellent indoor and outdoor trainers. They simulate the smooth, slick feeling of the rink so you can work on passing, stick handling and shooting.
  • Hockey Shooting Pad

  • Xinxing Shooting Pad

  • 3920109090

The heavy-duty Shooting Pad allows players to build their shooting, passing, stickhandling, and scoring abilities that make great players. With Xinxing Shooting Pad, there’s no more damaging your favorite sticks trying to practice on concrete, asphalt, or other hard surfaces. Ice Hockey Shooting Pad is a great way to build strength, cupping abilities, reaction times, and the muscle memory behind solid stick abilities. 
  • Improve shooting, passing and stickhandling off ice

  • Designed to protect your sticks from concrete, asphalt and other hard surfaces

  • Built in carry-handle for ease of use

  • Thanks for UV protection and weather proofing treatment it allows for use indoor and outdoor.

Available in 3 sizes:

* Junior (24" x 48" x 1/8")

* Intermediate (28" x 52" x 3/16")

* Pro (30" x 60" x 3/16")

Other size can be customized as your special needs.

Pictures of details:

                                                            rebounder for the shooting pad


                                                               shooting pad with plastic film protection


                                                                 put your logo on the shooting pad


Besides the Ice Hockey Shooting Pad,we also can provide:

soccer rebounder board

dasher board for ice skating

ice hockey barriers

Welcome to email or call us (+86 13176848975) for more details.






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