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Planed 20mm UHMWPE 1000 Green sheets


Planed 20mm UHMWPE 1000 Green sheets

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE ), molecular weight 3 -9Mio. g/mol. Due to its material properties it is extremely versatile with great resistance to abrasion water absorption and chemicals. However, like all Polyethylene materials it is not suitable for high temperature applications. Sheets are planed both sides to a tolerance of 0.5mm on thickness. 

Standard Dimensions:

5000X1300MM, 3050X1220MM, 6000X1800MM, 6000X2000MM, 3000X1500MM, 4500X2000MM, 3000X3000MM

Thickness 6-250mm

If you want the size smaller than this, please contact us. We can also provide cut to size sevrice.

Color of UHMW-PE Sheets pressed and planed: White, Black, Natural, blue, yellow, green, red, purple

Other special customer color is also available with us.

Planed PE-UHMW (PE-1000) sheets Natural 2x1meter (UV-stabilised)

Besides, we also provide the cut to size sevrice for customer. You can send us the drawing, we can do all CNC processing as per your demands.